Technology Solutions

Time To Grow Your Live Business With Automation

The bigger the business grows, the more resources are required to support operations to scale. Let us scale your business through our automation and technology to manage your multi channel live business all under one platform!

Our Bag of Goodies

Customised Customer Journey

Personalised experiences lead to increased conversions. Tailor make your customer’s journey according to how you wish for it to be with our automated technology.

Custom Data Analytics

Gain specific insights of your business. Harness real-time analytics and in-depth reports to understand performance, pick up on actionable trends and insights, and improve strategies across your business.

Membership Programs

Engage and retain your customers with rewards. Drive repeat purchases to increase your profits. Explore how to drive more sales through fully customised loyalty programs.

Multi Merchant Commerce

Allow multiple merchants on your platform to stream across multiple live show interfaces and channels. Let our software help you manage and scale to the next level with multi channel live commerce.

Success Story

eShoplive Asia

We have helped many enterprises grow their live commerce business, and eShoplive is one of our successful enterprise client.

"Xamble Live’s technology has helped increase the efficiency of eShoplive’s operational and customer journey in 2021. This increased efficiency in both operation and customer journey has enabled our live selling business to grow rapidly."

Jorvy Tan,
CEO of eShoplive Asia
Increased 255%
Gross Merchandise Value
Reduced 80%
Manual Repetitive Work